What is The Most Important Step in Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning can seem overwhelming. There are countless different types of carpet fibers including wool, synthetic blends, and even artificial silk. There are also many different types of stains and dirt. They could be coffee stains, pet stains, grease and anything else you can think of. The carpet fibers could be flat and dull in the heavy traffic areas.

So how does a professional carpet cleaner deal with all of these variables?

There are 3 steps that professionals use to bring your carpets back to life.

1. The first step, pre-treatment, is when the carpets are sprayed to emulsify dirt and stains. Chemistry is the most important part of this step. Professional carpet cleaners know exactly the right solutions for any situation.

2. The second step is called agitation. In this step, a special machine is used to stand up flattened carpet fibers. It also makes sure the cleaning solution is evenly dispersed.

3. The third and final step is called Hot Water Extraction. During this step, steam is used to rinse out the dirt, stains and cleaning solutions. Then a strong vacuum recovers all the of the dirty water.

So which step is the most important?

Well, the answer is that all of them are equally important. That is why calling a professional carpet cleaner is important. If the three steps are not done properly, it can cause permanent damage to your carpeting.

So the next time you have dirty carpets, make sure to call a professional steam cleaner.

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