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Pet Carpet Cleaning

Emerald Carpet Cleaning can help you remove pet stains, eliminate pet odors, and relieve pet allergies in your home with a professional carpet cleaning service.

We have a full arsenal of tools and solutions to help you with your pet related problems in your carpet.

  • Odor counteractants.

  • Allergen treatments.

  • Pet hair removal.

  • Sanitizing treatments.

  • Sub-surface pet urine removal.

Pet Urine Remediation

Emerald Carpet Cleaning offers professional solutions for problems caused by pet urine odors.

Everybody loves their pets, but most of the odor problems that Emerald gets called out for are caused by pet urine getting under the carpet into the padding and the sub-floor.


So why does pet urine cause such bad odor, and what can Emerald do to stop the odor problem?


Odor caused by pet urine come from bacteria that feed on uric acid and urea salts in the carpet. To get rid of the carpet odors for good, Emerald uses a three-step process.

1.    We re-create each pet urine accident with scientifically tested cleaning solutions all the way down to the padding and the sub floor underneath your carpet. These cleaning solutions dissolve the uric acid and urea salts, and they kill the bacteria that feeds on them. 

2.    After about 30 minutes, the cleaning solutions have done their job. Emerald uses a special tool to extract all the dissolved urine and dead bacteria from the carpet and padding.

3.    Finally, we clean the rest of the carpet as normal. This is important because there is often pet urine particles spread throughout the carpet in each room.

Call Emerald Carpet Cleaning or schedule a cleaning online if you need a pet carpet cleaning. Don’t spend your hard-earned money with other companies that won’t take the time to do it right.

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Pet Odor Elimination

You know that greasy, wet dog fur smell? Emerald Carpet Cleaning can get rid of that type of pet odor too.

​Oils from pet fur can build up in your carpet and make your whole home smell. A very thorough carpet cleaning can help drastically, but not just any carpet cleaning.


Emerald Carpet Cleaning uses a 5 step process to remove as much of that pet odor as possible.

  1. Vacuuming to remove pet dander and hair.

  2. Citrus-based pre-treatments to dissolve the ‘sticky’ oils from pet fur.

  3. Oxidizing pre-treatments to kill odor causing bacteria and proteins from pets.

  4. Deep-scrubbing to clean all the way down to the base of the carpet fibers.

  5. Natural odor counteractants to leave your carpet smelling fresh.

If all of the above steps are not followed correctly, then the pet odor will persist. Do not hire the cheap carpet cleaner if you have these types of pet odors in your home, because they can actually make it worse. Hire Emerald Carpet Cleaning to do the job right.


Pet Allergy Relief

In addition to regular carpet vacuuming, a professional carpet cleaning is essential to removing allergens from your carpet and your home.

Carpet was designed to keep dust, dead skin, dander and other allergens out of your home’s air. Your carpeting is your homes largest air filter. Many types of allergens can accumulate in your carpeting.

  • Dead Skin

  • Pet Dander

  • Dust Mites

  • Construction dust

  • Many other allergens

Steam cleaning isn’t the only solution Emerald Carpet Cleaning has for relieving your allergies. In fact, there are a lot of important steps for removing allergens from your carpet.

  • Emerald’s oxidizing pre-treatment breaks down proteins that cause allergic reactions.

  • A HEPA filtered vacuuming removes pet dander, hair, and dust.

  • Emerald’s citrus-based pre-treatments dissolve sticky pet oils that vacuuming can’t remove.

  • A counter-rotating brush digs deeply embedded allergens our from the base of the fibers.


Testimonials from Local Pet Owners in Portland

New clients loved the pet carpet cleaning services they received.

Mom's Hug

"We had a great experience! Our carpets were trashed from 3 dogs and 4 kids! Our carpets now look like new and the price was a lot lower than I thought it would be! I would definitely use them again!"

-Laura Cowen

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