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Carpet Stain Removal

We are experts in removing many different types of stains from your carpets.

At Emerald, we know that your carpeting is an important part of how your home looks and feels. There is nothing worse than an ugly stain in the middle of a room.

Each stain is individually treated with the proper cleaning agent, dwell time and extraction methods to ensure that you get the best result possible.


Don’t try and treat carpet stains by yourself. Instead trust the professional cleaners at Emerald to do the job right.

Protein-based Stains

95% of the stains in your carpet are protein based.

Protein based stains from things like pets and food are treated using an oxidizer.


After the oxidizer has done its job, it evaporates leaving no residue.


Emerald Carpet Cleaning has the knowledge to use oxidizing cleaning agents properly in-order to reverse protein-based stains in your carpeting.


What kind of stain do you need removed?

Learn about how professional carpet cleaners remove different types of stains.

Synthetic Dye Stains

Synthetic dye stains are from things like makeup, paint, and artificial food coloring.

Did you spill some red sports drink on your carpet? Maybe you left a permanent marker on your carpet and the ink bled out.


These types of stains may need a reducing agent to remove them.


Emerald Carpet cleaning can reverse those stubborn dye stains by treating them with the proper reducing cleaning agents.


Oil-Based Stains

Paint, grease, ink and many other petroleum based spots can be removed from carpeting.

Sometimes a solvent-based spot remover is needed when the carpet spot is not water soluble.


At Emerald, we use a citrus-based solvent gel to separate spots from your carpet fibers. Once the oil-based spots are emulsified, they can be properly extracted.


Emerald can safely remove spots from candle wax, paint, greasy spots, slime, or any other oily spots and stains from your carpeting.

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